Small Spartans

2014-05-29 19:32:09 by Queen0fHearts


Check it out! :)


2013-03-17 16:20:31 by Queen0fHearts

Been awhile I know, but here are the newest projects I have voiced in:

Redshirts Ep1:

Xionic Madness 4 part 3:

Enjoy :)


2011-08-13 02:36:58 by Queen0fHearts

Two projects I voiced in are up!

Lunarose Part 1. I voice Naylu and several minor roles which do not appear in this episode. It is a very fun series and you will enjoy it if you are a fan of anime.

Xionic Madness 4; I voice two characters in this, the one that appears in part 2 is a zombie (the one that says 'kill them!' lol) and the second is Enid in part 3.


2011-07-27 16:40:06 by Queen0fHearts

Hey Peoples,

I am SO excited, I got a new laptop a couple days ago with a MUCH MUCH better soundcard than my old crummy laptop had. So I had to redo my voice demo. I can't get over what a difference there is in the quality, its amazing. I should have it up shortly.

Also I just completed a major project by a new animator here on newground's named Crintleod. It was such a fun project and well written, I swear its like watching a T.V. show or something. Well it will hopefully be out soon. I will make a post when it is released.


Underdog: Her Story

2010-11-04 16:10:32 by Queen0fHearts

Newest collab is a punch out game "Underdog: Her Story," by UnrealCanine.

I voiced Julie, Punchy and Peanut. Other voices include two talented voice actresses, Rina-chan and Shiraikigu.

Final Destination 0.7

2010-09-07 17:45:40 by Queen0fHearts

Check out Final Destination 0.7 a parody by DJFry!

Along side a handful of talented voice actors, you can hear me voice the dumb blonde and the lady on the intercom.

Silent Hill Room 304

2010-08-09 12:28:34 by Queen0fHearts

Hey everyone,

My very first voice over role here on New Grounds is a very creepy game created by AssJoe. So if you are a fan of horror check it out.